Handlingsysteme ALFAMAT 4 und ALFAMAT 6

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Reliable. Functional. Modular.
ALFA - Handling Systems.

ALFA provides a wide range of handling systems for the automation of the pcb production. Our product range covers all relevant handling parameters in the production process. 

What distinguishes our handling systems is reliability and functionality. They are based on the modular assembly, so they can be adjusted to all customer requirements.

With ALFA through thick and thin
Strong systems for standard sizes and Back Panels

In addition to the handling systems for pcb's with standard sizes, ALFA offers systems for handling quite larger back panels.

The back panel systems have been meanwhile established world wide and are proved  just as the standard systems.

High value components ensure the availability of our systems.

It is only natural, that we use high value and technically sophisticated components from reliable partners for the production of our handling systems.
This philosophy is the basis for the high reliability on the ALFA handling systems.

From the machine frame to the PLC - only the best is good enough!